The Cohort focuses on the specific areas of Health, Sanitation and Waste Management in the context of a Smart City

  • Health
    Key Focus Areas:
    Improving Emergency Response Time
    Improving Patient Care Through Technology
    Preventive Healthcare
  • Sanitation
    Key Focus Areas:
    Improving State of Toilets
    Improving Sanitation For Women
    Improving Accessibility
    Bio & Mobile Toilets
  • Waste Management
    Key Focus Areas:
    Waste to energy
    Waste to compost
    Waste segregation at source
    Organising the sector
Deep Industry Connect

Mentors with proven track record and experience in the Smart City domain areas. A good mix of senior industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Strategic Mentor

a Mentor for a startup. Matchmaking of right mentor to a startup. 50% of the program sweat equity charged goes to the Mentor.

Disciplined Followups

Aggressive weekly follow ups to assist with rapid pivoting, focus on gaining early business traction.

Media Visibility

Visibility through various events and media interactions, at least 2 -3 media exposures during the course of the batch.

Design Support

Software and Hardware design related support services incl. UI/UX and architecture level design support.

Investment Support

Investment support incl. Investor ready PowerPoint and business model spreadsheet preparation , hunting and pitching support.

Business Acceleration

Gain momentum and upgrade your venture to the next phase of its business cycle

Legal & Statutory Support

Help with due diligence, statutory clearances, taxation etc.

Access to Government Schemes

Advise on relevant government programs and schemes, Startup India registration

  • A team that is committed to their idea and has the burning desire to not only achieve but exceed their goals.
  • A team that is available to be present and actively participate for the entire 20-week program agenda.
  • Access to potential funding through a fund managed by the accelerator, along with access to external funding.
  • 2% equity will be charged towards mentoring and for access to the program’s combined network.
  • The Team

    We look at the founding team - their passion, team dynamics, experience; and what will it be like to work with them. We back entrepreneurs who are driven and won't pack up and leave at the first sign of challenge.

  • The Idea

    We want to understand the rationale behind the idea. Why was this chosen? What problem does it solve and for whom? What makes it unique, viable, and feasible and a winning idea for us to back?

  • The Stage

    The start-up should have moved beyond the idea stage to execution - preferably with at least a rough prototype or an early proof of concept. Start-ups which are in expansion mode are probably beyond the scope of this cohort.

Contact Classes

  • Ashoka University
  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • New Delhi

The last Cohort kicked off with the first contact class at Ashoka University focusing on the mentors understanding the business model canvas of the startups and in turn, working with them on not only their operating plan, but also on various marketing and branding techniques. Startups also devoted time in perfecting the art of pitching their ventures, learning about impact investments, acquiring knowledge about the legal requirements and the importance of technology based solutions in environmental change.

Ashoka University
Ashoka University
Ashoka University
Ashoka University

Contact Class-II focused on the developmental aspects of entrepreneurs, with Cohort members learning about Inclusive Enterprises, Design Thinking and Value Proposition. It also had sessions on business operation aspects including Unit Economics, Financial Modeling and picked up from the previous Contact Class focusing on Pitching and Investment Funding.

IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Ahmedabad

Contact Class-III was a 2 day affair with the first day comprising sessions on Sociology of Smart Cities, the art of Networking and Legalities of Fundraising. Day 2 marked a couple of sessions on startup valuations, innovation economy and private sector support for startups. The 2019 Demo Day then kicked off which initially saw the Cohort's startups pitch their ventures to investors. This was followed by a roundtable discussion on 'Smart Cities and Startups - Innovation in Policy and Practices' in the presence of Ms. Ira Singhal & Ms. Veditha Reddy (North Delhi Municipal Corporation) and a large pool of investors, smart city entrepreneurs and industry experts.

New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi
New Delhi


  • 20 May 2019
    Application Open
  • 21 July 2019
    Application Closes
  • 2 Aug 2019
    Jury Day
  • 23-25 Sep 2019
    Cohort Begins Ashoka University
  • 09-11 Dec 2019
    Contact Class Ahmedabad
  • 17-19 Feb 2020
    Wrap Up + Demo Day New Delhi
Note: The dates mentioned are tentative and subject to change.


  • Dr Anu Gupta
    Co-founder, Kyt Ventures &
    Angel Investor

  • Divya Tiwari
    CEO, Sahaas

  • Deep Bajaj
    CEP, PeeBuddy

  • Sanjiv Bhatia
    Stenum Asia

  • Vishal Bansal
    CEO, Healthstart Accelerator

  • Nupur Tandon
    Founding Director,
    Prowaste Concepts Private Limited

  • Abhishek Dwivedi
    AVP Growth, 1mg

  • Deeksha Gahlot
    Managing Counsel,


Eco-system partners


  • Cohort 2016
  • Cohort 2017
  • Cohort 2018
Sukriti Social Foundation
Smartify Health
Tech For Impact
Padcare Labs
SmartClean Technologies


  • About the Program
  • About the Application Process
+ Why choose AIM Smart City?
+ Do you accept startups at the idea stage?
+ Do you invest in competing companies?
+ What kind of company formation and regulatory support will you provide?
+ What will the interaction between the Accelerator and the start-up be like?
+ Are there any location constraints?
+ How can we get funded after acceleration program ends?
+ Can startups leverage Ashoka University brands in their presentations to potential clients/ investor?
+ What does the Accelerator get in return?
+ Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won't steal my idea?
+ What if I have more questions I need answered before I apply?
+ What are the selection criteria for the accelerator?
+ How many rounds of evaluation are there?
+ What is a Jury Day?
+ When will I hear back about my application?